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about Cristina

For the past few decades, pop music has relied on the same tropes—sex, heartbreak, love, empowerment—but the Swiss born, London/Essex based electro-pop auteur Cristina Hart is bringing a much needed fresh perspective. With the range of Halsey, the candour of Ariana, and the independent savvy of Lauv, it won’t be long before Cristina will transcend her well-entrenched Sofar Sounds circuit. Her debut EP 'Sell a Dream', which was recorded independently between Cristina’s bedroom and her boyfriend’s studio, proves that she’s a talent in her own lane.


Across the EP’s four tracks, Cristina goes from witty to sentimental; sexy to messy, and offers a level of nuance rarely heard in pop. Its lead single 'I'm a Mess' - with its popping candy-like grooves is coming out soon, with the rest of the EP coming later this year. Closing her live sets with this fan favourite, the singer has had her audience gleefully sing back to her its chorus for over a year now. 


‘I’m a Mess’ puts Cristina’s artistic statement forward more than any other. Written while she was on a heavy dose of antibiotics, unable to sing, it projects an unfiltered image of how Cristina saw herself at that point in her life. She had finally admitted to herself that not being on her A-game 24/7 is okay, and her audience has loved for that honesty. In a world obsessed with perfection, Hart sings that it is our kinks and glitches that make us human, now more than ever.



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